Sunday, October 4, 2015


I'm sorry Summer, but it's over between us.  I'm with Autumn now.

Happy fall everyone; Garden Visits 2015 coming soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Daylily Season

Last week I headed out to Solaris Farms in Reedsville, WI to view peak daylily season.  The true lilies were in peak bloom as well.  Here're a ton of pics of daylilies for your viewing pleasure.  I've labeled what I could, I did take a bunch of seedling pics and a few that I didn't write the name down and those are unlabeled.  After the lilies I've included some older pics from my gardens as well.  Enjoy!

'Accidental Tourist'

'Addis Ababa'

'Angel's Braid'
'Artificially Enhanced'

'Bad Girls'

'Barn Fire'

'Big Sky'

'Big Sky'

'Blue Ambition'

'Blue Cheese Please'


'Catastrophic Events'

'Catching Lawn Darts'


'Falling Skies'

'Ferengi Gold'

'Flaming Wildfire'

'Foolish Dragon'

'Forty Fourth Parallel'

'Forty Fourth Parallel'

'Gun Steel'

'Gypsy Caravan'

'Heavenly Flight'

'Heavenly Stardust'

'Heavenly Sundog'

'Hold That Tiger'

'House of Misrepresentatives'

'House of Misrepresentatives'

'Imperial Conquest'

'Key West'

'Last Butterfly'

'Lawfully Illegal'

'Lemon Fringed Pastel'

'Mystery Being Written'

'Mystery Meat'

'National Secret'

'Naval Assualt'

Solaris Seedling NB-D1148

'Orange Chucklehead'

'Out of Plumb'

'Paul Voth'

'Planet Claire'

'Point of Divergence'

'Power of Love'

'Quiet Earth'


'Senatorial Seduction'

'Seven Deadly Sins'

'Ships and Giggles'

'Sidewalk Chalk'

'Something in my Teeth'

'Son of Fliver'

'Son of Fliver'

'Spirit Zone'

'Stack the Deck'

'Stenciled Impressions'

'Sunset Proposal'

'Tim Kornder'

'Utopia or Oblivion'

Seedling Field

OT Lily 'American West'

Asiatic LIly 'Bright Eyes'

Oriental Lily 'Gluhwein'

OT Lily 'Holland Beauty'

Asiatic Lily 'Last Dance'

Asiatic Lily 'Pearl Stacey'

Asiatic Lily 'Purple Eye'

Asiatic Lily 'Purple Life'

Asiatic Lily 'Sun Valley'

Trumpet Lily

OT Lily
'Fujita Scale' is one of the more interesting daylilies I've come across.  Its color can be quite different day to day, ranging from dark purple-black to brown-purple or even gray.  It's a Nate Bremer hybrid from Solaris Farms and if you're into purple daylilies like I am, you need this one.  

'Fujita Scale'

'Fujita Scale'
'Fujita Scale'

'Fujita Scale'

'Fujita Scale'

'Golden Zebra'

'Johnny Cash'

'Lyrical Presence'

'Paper Butterfly'

'Regency Heights'

'Ruby Spider'

'Siloam Show Girl'

'Spacecoast Gator Eye'

'Let Loose'
I dabble in hybridizing a little bit as well.  The most interesting plant I've come up with is this seedling from 'Golden Zebra' x 'Peppermint Ice'. 'Peppermint Ice' was the first broken-color daylily on the market and makes some interesting seedlings.  This one looks nicely air-brushed and will be used in hybridizing in the future.  Like 'Fujita Scale', blooms can be different from day to day.
'Golden Zebra' x 'Peppermint Ice'
'Golden Zebra' x 'Peppermint Ice'

'Golden Zebra' x 'Peppermint Ice'