Friday, March 26, 2010

New Mugo Pines

I've been growing two great newer Mugo Pines in my garden. The first one is 'Honeybun', which I've had since 2007. It's a dwarf variety with medium-green needles and a moderately slow growth rate. This variety was released in 2008 exclusively by Green Value Nursery. It's performed very well in my sunny front garden near the driveway, not bothered at all by the salt it gets hit with in the winter. It did open up in the center this winter, due to the wet heavy snow being thrown on top of it, but I'm confident it will grow out of it beautifully. 'Honeybun' is a great addition to the perennial garden, mixed shrub border, conifer garden, and even large trough gardens.

The second variety, 'Dew Drop', is also being released exclusively by Green Value this spring. It's even smaller and slower growing than 'Honeybun', and is in fact the smallest Mugo Pine I've had the pleasure to encounter. Last years growth on this beast was about 1 cm. The habit of this variety is so tight and compact, that when I peaked into the center there was moss growing on the branches! 'Dew Drop' is perfect for nearly any size container, as well as perennial gardens, and conifer collections.

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