Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gentiana scabra 'Zuki Rindo'

Nobody even wants to GUESS at the mystery plant?  Well, it's an incredibly beautiful fall bloomer that everyone needs to go out and buy.  Gentiana scabra 'Zuki Rindo'.  There are many great gentians out there, also check out G. septemfida var. lagodechiana, G. 'True Blue', G. clausa, or G. 'Blue Cross'.  All make great garden plants for partial sun and orgainic rich soil with consistent moisture. 


  1. I grew G. septemfida but couldn't keep it alive. I think it had to do with my really dry summer soil. Darn. Yours is a pretty one.

  2. Dry soil= unhappy gentians. G. septemfida has been fairly easy in our pond garden which has average moisture. I expect G. Zuki Rindo will perform the same. Now if I can find the time to get mine planted.


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