Friday, January 28, 2011

January Mystery Plant

This month's mystery plant is taken from my trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden.  I very much want to add one of these to my collection some day.  Can you guess what it is?  By the way, I've enabled anonymous comments, so anyone can guess.


  1. I can't even really give a good guess...I'm clueless about tropicals :-)

  2. Amorphophallus Titan :)

  3. Very good Jeremiah, and welcome to my blog! Amorphophallus titanum it is. I nearly wet myself when I found it, my wife unfortunately wouldn't let me steal it. (Extra Credit: How do you get a 14" pot with a 7' tall leaf sticking out of it to your car without anyone noticing?)

    Amorphophallus is an amazing genus of plants. A. titanum features the largest flower in the world- 6' tall. Scott- you can grow a few of them in the Portland area. A. konjac being probably the easiest of them. Your neighbors might not appreciate their beautiful corpse-like fragrance however.

  4. As a fellow plant geek, I ejoyed reading your blog.

    "How do you get a 14" pot with a 7' tall leaf sticking out of it to your car without anyone noticing?" LOL and that's still somewhat small ;)

    Although I enjoy every aspect of the botanical world, my real passion is growing Amorphophallus and Arisaema. Looking forward to seeing titanum bloom in person.

  5. Gotta love aroids. My collection is growing. I have Sauromatum venosum about to bloom now. Just potted up Amorphophallus atroviridis. A. konjac will be stored for another 6 weeks yet. I have a number of garden hardy aroids as well. Arisaema, Arum, and Pinellia. We have some available in the downloadable Botanophilia catalog, we'll hopefully open the website for orders in the next week or so.


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