Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have 2 newer Coreopsis varieties in my garden.

 'Route 66' has been a great performer so far, it went in last year from a quart pot and is now quite large.  Other varieties I've tried with red coloration in the flower have been far less vigorous than this one.  'Route 66' also has finer foliage than other varieties, revealing a strong verticillata parentage which is probably a good reason for its hardiness. 

'Star Cluster' is a new variety in the big bang series from hybridizer Darrel Probst.  This series as a whole is performing well here in WI.  I will try to re-shoot this picture soon, as it is overexposed despite being shot on an overcast day and looking great on the camera screen.  'Star Cluster' has red coloration in the center of the flower, which will extend throughout the petals in cool weather.  This one is extremely tall and sturdy, almost 30" tall in my garden and standing straight.  I really like this variety, and so far it is performing well. 


  1. I want them in MY garden! ~g

  2. Very nice...I really need to find a spot for these :-)

  3. Scott, you have a huge number of coreopsis to choose from that would be hardy in the Portland area. The coloropsis series (also from Darrel Probst) has really extended the color range and Terra Nova has a large number of new varieties as well.


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