Saturday, September 17, 2016

News and Happenings

I've been an awful blogger this year. I haven't posted since February, mainly because life has been crazy busy! Sadly a lot of the craziness the last few months could have been good post topics, but there just wasn't time to even take pictures for posting later.

So what's been going on? Spring was crazy as it always is; that's the reality of working in horticulture so nothing new there. But immediately after spring we got some news. My wife was getting a new job. 200 miles away. 200 miles NORTH, to Rhinelander, WI. It will be a grand adventure living in Z4a instead of Z5b and having a 25 day shorter growing season. You will hear about it.

I spent the early part of summer removing the gardens and seeding grass. This may sound familiar, as I did this same thing 4 years ago in 2012 to try and sell the house only to refinance and put the gardens back in during late 2013. My plant collections have all been dug and potted and will be over-wintered with our sale stock on the farm. Interestingly I think most of my plants will survive just fine in their new location. But maybe I'm just being optimistic.

We also had to finish up a few home renovation projects. In late winter we started doing some projects that included new flooring and some bathroom updates. Those were done just in time for my wife to start her job in late July. I finished up my nursery day job on September 2nd but because of the plants being here and the house not being sold yet, I'm still living here part time. September is time for getting the growing house reorganized and get the plants cleaned up, weeded, and inventoried before cutting them back in October and getting the house ready for winter. I have lots to keep me busy before I officially move!

So what does this move mean for me and for the future of Botanophilia? In spring we will (hopefully) have a new property and the business side of things will move along with the plants. I have the opportunity to work only for myself and concentrate on growing the nursery and getting some more great new/unusual plants added to the catalog! Hopefully we'll be able to have some open retail days in the future as well. I'll be able to travel to more events for vending and/or speaking. And attend more garden related gatherings. It also means I will have more time for writing and other projects. I'm excited to do all the things!

Sadly my admission that I've been a bad blogger has become a common phrase here. Hopefully that will change. I'll certainly have plenty to write about once we have a new property and start installing gardens. This winter I may still be an infrequent blogger. I do have a few projects planned to share with you though, so stay tuned!

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