Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Lost Post! Green Bay Botanic Garden 10/6/15

So I was just finishing up my Chicago Botanic Garden post and I noticed an untitled post in drafts. I started a post about my trip to GBBG last October and apparently never finished it. Man, I'm awful. Well, here ya' go; a whole YEAR late!

I'll keep this short and mostly pictorial since I don't remember many details about the trip anymore!

Calamintha nepeta always looks GREAT!

Calycanthus 'Hartlage Wine'
Calycanthus 'Hartlage Wine'
Hybrid Calycanthus is pretty amazing. You probably need it. I often sell it. Check out our nursery. 

Carex muskingumensis 'Little Midge'

A Celosia of some sort

GBBG won a contest from Conifer Kingdom, they got $5000 worth of plants for a new conifer garden. It was GREAT!

Cotinus. I think this was 'Grace' which happens to be my favorite

Fatsia 'Spiderweb'

My fellow travelling horticulturist, the effervescent Jessica Cloninger. You should all visit her at Boerner Botanical Gardens. She's the trial garden guru. 

OMG! A DISEMBODIED HAND! I'm pretty sure that belongs to Diane. Not sure how it got in my shot. 

Hemerocallis 'Sear's Tower' w/ Jessica being wowed by it's height and flower size!

Hemerocallis 'Sear's Tower'

'Cosmic Kale'

I'm far from fond of Pelargonium (that's geranium to you non-plant geeks) but the two above varieties I found to be really quite charming.

An archway of Picea, I don't remember but I think this is P. abies 'Pendula'

Rudbeckia 'Little Goldstar' I was unsure of this variety due to it being related to the septoria and angular leaf spot magnet that is 'Goldsturm', but so far I like it. 
Salvia 'Amistad'

Salvia 'Amistad'
Sedum 'Hab Grey'

Symphyotrichum (formerly Aster) ericoides 'Snow Flurry' makes a great groundcover! Sadly not in bloom here.

Symphoricarpos 'Galaxy'

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