Thursday, September 6, 2012

A visit to the Green Bay Botanic Garden - Pt 1 The Views

With a little time off, Diane & I decided to take a trip to the Green Bay Botanic Garden, seeing as neither of us had ever been there.  It's a really nice garden; the layout is well done, they have lots of neat plants, and everything is pretty well labeled and maintained.  Part 1 is a pictorial journey through some views and features.  Part 2 will be some of the plants.  Onward!

We found a nice collection of conifers near the entrance.  I didn't take pictures of specific varieties, but there was a nice selection of dwarf and smaller varieties.

 They had a nice area with edible and medicinal plants with a knot garden in the center.  I didn't take a pic of the knots, as they look quite young and unimpressive at the moment.  Once they mature they will look great though!  Also in this area was a small fairy garden.  Not a trend I'm going to delve into myself, but it was cool to see.  And if it gets kids interested in gardening, all the better! 

Next up... random views from our walk around the garden...

I'm not sure how I feel about the small smoke-bush here... I think it needs to be edited out.  Then again, it might be cool later in life.  

A very cool gazebo.  One of the great things about GBBG is the number and quality of garden structures and buildings.  

I'm also a fish geek and they have a great pond with some awesome koi!

They have a fairly good sized children's garden.  Lots of cool sculptures, painted twigs, and educational fun for the kids.  And being that I'm a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, one of my favorite features of the garden:  The hobbit hole inspired restroom!


The Shade garden was very nice, a great collection of hostas and unusual plants. 

I loved this Polygonum sp. they had in a few places.  I didn't see a tag on any of them, but I didn't look very hard either.  Lots of great grasses around too, including 2 of my favorites from the trip: Miscanthus sinensis 'Huron Sunrise' and Pennisetum macrourum 'White Lancer'.  

One of the last shots I took for the day.  This garden is truly worth a visit, keep in mind it's still a fairly young garden!  

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